A walk through rice fields

  • Destination: Sapa

The trip in brief

Physical level: *****
Cultural interaction: ***
Meals included: Lunch
Vehicles: Private car, Walking
Hotels: N/A
Trip cost: From $ 35/ person

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Have you ever wondered how the locals collect rice on those steep hilly field? If yes, the trekking trip to learn about the stepped rice paddy. Starting from $32/person for a 2 –person trip, a guided tour will help you learn about the process of transforming those tiny little rice into white aromatic cooked rice on your table. Collecting rice in this mountainous area is no small task. Because the field is on the higher slopes, ethnic locals don’t use threshers but instead they build a wooden crate in a big trapezoidal shape, threaded with a horizontal rod to carry between fields. The rice is cut close to the stem. When the children transfer them back, the adults put small packages of rice grains in the buffalo leather bar cages, and then smash it against wooden box so the rice will fall out. To clean the rice, they stand on a higher ground a pour down the rice. The wind from the fan will blow off the leaf and all impurities. They will then pack it all in big sacks to transport down.The process of transforming rice is far more intriguing than the short description on our page. Come and join us in the tour to hear more about the process as well as talking to the locals about their traditions. This is the perfect chance to get a gimps into their lives as well as to learn about new knowledge. Lunch is provided in the package as well as transportation.




A walk through rice fields






Trip Cost

(Per person)


$32 $30