Cao Son Market Tour (Wednesday)

  • Destination: Sapa

The trip in brief

Physical level: *****
Cultural interaction: ***
Meals included: Lunch
Vehicles: Private Car, Walking
Hotels: N/A
Trip cost: From $ 109/ person

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The 1-day trip to Cao Son market, lunch included, is one day packed of excitement for any tourists. After breakfast, private car will take you directly to Muong Khuong area. From there, you will take a short walk on the mountainous dirt road to reach the local Cao Son market on every Wednesday. Cao Son Market is located in Cao Son commune, Muong Khuong district. This is a fair of many ethnic groups such as Hmong, Phu La, Black Dao and Han Chinese, the 4 biggest ethnic groups living in the Muong Khuong district. Cao Son market is divided into several areas: the sale of fruits, vegetables, selling the livestock, poultry and especially regional specialties sale of famous local products. Cao Son atmosphere is fresh and beautiful with natural scenery. In Cao Son, every season is a particularly interesting. Summer temperature is of about 10 to 15 degrees, so it is very cool. Winter is very cold as to cut the flesh. In return you will have the opportunity to sit by the fire of ethnic groups, drink highland tea and enjoy the view of the area. Cao Son’s autumn is a real beauty with pure beauty of heaven and earth. Autumn is the most suitable for many outdoor activities and interesting visits. In the spring, you’ll find plums, peaches jostling with blooming flowers full of life. After walking around in the market, there is also time for you to explore a local village to see their daily lives and practices. Then, you will go back to Muong Khuong to have lunch before heading back to Sapa.



Day 1

Firstly having breakfast, then you will be on journey by automobile from Sapa to Muong Khuong. From there, the vehicle is left behind and you walk mountainous way to the market. At the market, you have time with people from diverse minor communities in town, converse with them to learn more about their unique culture, and of course, try their tastiest products. After time with the market, you will visit adjacent local villages for more understanding on the daily lives of local tribal communities there, then return to Muong Khuong to have lunch. When the lunch finish, you are taken back to Lao Cai on our vehicles.



Cao Son Market Tour






Trip Cost

(Per person)

$109 $69 $62