People and nature: Lao Chai – Tavan

  • Destination: Sapa

The trip in brief

Physical level: *****
Cultural interaction: ***
Meals included: Lunch
Vehicles: Private car, Walking
Hotels: N/A
Trip cost: From $ 45/ person
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When in Sapa, having opportunities to interact with the locals is a unique life experience. Sapa is a place with diverse mix of different ethnicity from H’mong, Dao, Tay and Giay group. They live harmoniously together, creating an exciting and diverse blend of cultures in Lao Cai area. The locals’ uniqueness is shown in each ethnicity’s beautifully crafted brocade and jewelry while the harmonious mix can be seen in their market fair.

With this exciting culture, talking part in a one day trip to Lao Chai – Ta van will allow visitors the chance to experience firsthand the diversity and immerse in the breathtaking scenery of the highlands. The locals here are always more than happy to share with visitors their unique performances including songs and dances; their traditional practices of social gathering; or their stories that are always covered in a blanket of mystics and enigma.

Visitors will start your trip in the morning where you will head toward Muong Hoa River. This clear and beautiful river is surrounded with layers of well-tended rice paddy. Depending on the time of the year, you may see the locals with their tools and skills, taking care of the paddy field. Walking down stream of the river, you will then reach Lao Chai village of the H’mong people and then Ta Van village of Giay people. In these locations, visitors will have a chance to sit down and talk to the locals. Lunch will be served so there will be plenty of time here their stories. After which, Giang Ta Chai village of the Red Dao is the next destination where you can see their ways of life or rest by the beautiful waterfall. The trip will end in the afternoon when you will be picked up by vehicles to head back to Sapa.



Day 1

The program is more on the magnificent landscape of Sapa Valley, particularly the rice terrace downhill. Beginning with the road close to Cau May, travellers head cross Muong Hoa River, walking through well-tended rice paddy field before arriving to Lao Chai Village of Hmong people and Ta Van Giay Village as well. Lunch is served here, so guests are enabled to sit and eat like a local residents, and listen to the elders told stories about their races and communities. After lunchtime, the walk continue through bamboo forest to Giang Ta Chai village of Red Dao Communities, then relaxing time at waterfall before back to main road to return to Sapa by our vehicles.



People and nature: Lao Chai - Tavan






Trip Cost

(Per person)

$45 $40 $35